A list of Start-Up BLOGS from Venture Hacks

I wish I’d found this (April 2009) list earlier.

Start up BLOGS (A list from Venture Hacks)

by Nivi on April 9th, 2009

“With knowledge being universally accessible, there will be no excuses for non-performance.”    – Peter Drucker

Steve Blank recently asked me to prepare a list of startup blogs for his customer development class. Here you go Steve.

I read all of these blogs. They all have incredibly useful archives. And they’re all written by people who teach and practice, so the advice is practical.

Must read

Eric Ries – Startup Lessons Learned
Fred Wilson – A VC

Marc Andreessen – pmarca

Paul Graham

37signals – Signal vs. Noise

More to read

Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson – Ask the VC
David Hornik – VentureBlog
Dharmesh Shah – On startups
Josh Kopelman – Redeye VC

Should be posting more often

Bill Burnham – Burnham’s Beat
David Cowan – Who Has Time For This?
Naval Ravikant – StartupBoy
Steve Barsh – Barsh Bits


Yoichiro “Yokum” Taku – Startup Company Lawyer


Mike Speiser – Laserlike

Steve Blank On the town

Andrew Chen – Futuristic Play

Dave McClure – Master of 500 Hats

Comedy  Venture Capital Wear

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