“Startup List” — a new way to reach angels

From Venture Hacks 2/3/10

by Nivi

Yesterday, we launched AngelList, a curated list of angel investors, representing $80M going into early-stage startups this year.

Today, we’re launching a cool new way to get intros to these angels: StartupList. It’s a weekly email we send to AngelList, with 3 high-quality startups who want intros. Here’s how it works: you send us your pitch, we review it and, every Monday, we email the best 3 startups of the week to AngelList.

Startups: How to get on StartupList

If you’re a startup, apply for StartupList here. We look for the same things that early stage investors look for: traction, social proof, and team. You don’t need all 3 to get on StartupList but you need to kick ass in at least one of these dimensions.

Before you apply to StartupList, build a minimum viable product and learn something about your customers by putting the product in front of them. If you can’t get this far on your own, go find some idea investors instead. (The exception is if you’re an entrepreneur who has made money for investors in the past — your team alone is probably good enough.) Then, write an amazing 150-word elevator pitch and apply to StartupList.

If you’re not one of the 3 startups we highlight on StartupList each week, we may include you in the runners-up of the week. Investors have asked for intros to the runners-up, so it’s also a good place to be.

Apply for StartupList and please help us spread the word! I’m looking forward to discussing your feedback in the comments.

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