New book – ‘Fundamentals for Founders’

‘Fundamentals for Founders’: What Every Startup Should Know from Knowledge at Warton

“Everyone has a plan — until they get punched in the face.” These words of wisdom from boxer Mike Tyson begin a new book titled, Fundamentals for Founders: The Practical Guide to Kick-Starting Your Business. As co-authors Peter Burchhardt and Dan Hou note, starting a business from scratch is an adventure led by passion, inspiration and innovation. However, like any adventure, startups hold plenty of surprises, and not necessarily all good ones.

It doesn’t have to be that way. In Fundamentals for Founders, Burchhardt and Hou, who have founded a number of businesses in the U.S. and China over the past decade, walk budding entrepreneurs through what they see as the building blocks for a successful startup. Those include lessons on how to conduct market and competitor research, design user-friendly products, use marketing techniques like online advertising and search-engine optimization, as well as craft a financial model to show how much cash the startup needs along the way and which parts of the business will drive profitability. …

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