WorkingPoint: Bookkeeping, Invoicing and Contact Management in One

By TJ McCue on August 24, 2009

WorkingPoint is online business management software for small businesses.  It is an ambitious and  comprehensive offering that includes bookkeeping, invoicing, contact management, inventory management, a public marketing profile, and more.

As a web-based software solution, you don’t load any software on your machine; it is all on the Internet.

The main advantage of many of today’s software-as-a-service applications is they’re ready to use right now. Most of them require very little customization and often have templates specific for your business. In fact, even the registration form is simpler and faster to complete than standard software.

WorkingPoint is no exception: They only require a company name, username, password, and your email to get started. Oh, they also ask, “how did you hear about us?”


Once you register, you are instantly taken to a dashboard, a control panel of everything you can do in this invoicing and online bookkeeping solution. The dashboard elegantly packs in a lot of information.  Rather than try to cram more in, it provides an intuitive text link, such as: See All Invoices in the Who’s Overdue box. What I really like about the dashboard is it has a customizable interface. I can drag and drop any of the items into another area as it suits me.

Learn more about WorkingPoint.

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